Airbridge Reports Overview

    Level up your marketing strategies with various Airbridge reports that allow you to gain insights into your ad performance and user data from different perspectives.

    Reports Supported by Airbridge

    Airbridge visualizes the data collected through various means into different report types. To fully leverage the Airbridge reports, additional actions may be required, such as defining and implementing with ad channels. You need to request access to some reports.


    Airbridge Report


    Data Format, Key Metrics


    Actuals Report

    - Table

    - Installs, Deeplink Opens, Clicks, etc.

    Monitor ad performance in real-time

    Trend Report

    - Time-series chart and table

    Monitor the granular trend of the ad performance

    Reinstall Report

    - Table

    - Reinstalls

    Monitor the number of reinstalls

    Retention Report

    - Table

    - Retention rate, number of retained users, Predictive lifetime

    Monitor the retention metrics of a specific cohort at different granularity

    Funnel Report

    - Chart and table

    - Number of users converted through the funnel, step-by-step conversion rate, number of drop-offs, etc.

    Analyze the user behavior using the funnel steps

    Revenue Report

    - Chart and table

    - Revenue, Paying users, ROAS, CAC, Predictive LTV

    Monitor the revenue metrics of a specific cohort in different granularity

    Active Users Report

    - Chart and table


    Monitor the user count metrics in different granularity

    Touchpoint Analysis Report

    - Chart and table

    - Number of touchpoints

    View the number of touchpoints generated by a user prior to conversion

    Touchpoint Overlap Report

    - Chart and table

    - Number of overlapping touchpoints

    View the overlapping touchpoints across channels

    Lag Time Report

    - CTIT

    Monitor the CTIT data to validate suspicious touchpoints

    Overview Dashboard

    The Overview Dashboard provides a quick summary of your ad performance across multiple apps. It's also helpful for Airbridge users with a single app, as the metrics widgets offer a simple overview of their app's performance.

    To view the data in depth, jump directly to the Actuals Report or Trend Report, where you can set up multiple metrics, GroupBys, and filters.

    Refer to the article below to learn how to use the Overview Dashboard.

    Find the right Airbridge report for your purpose

    Airbridge offers a variety of reports to meet your marketing needs. Refer to the information below to find the right Airbridge report for your specific purpose.

    Supported features of Airbridge reports

    Learn about the additional features of Airbridge reports in the following articles.

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