Expo SDK Release Note

    v2.5.1 - Jul 28, 2023


    • Update Airbridge react-native SDK to 2.5.1

    v2.5.0 - Jun 28, 2023


    • Update `Airbridge react-native SDK` to 2.5.0

    v2.3.0 - May 22nd, 2023


    • SDK logLevelinterface.

    v2.2.0 - May 10th, 2023


    • SDK Signature feature to protect against SDK spoofing.

    • Update Airbridge React Native SDK to 2.3.0

    v2.1.3 - March 16th, 2023


    • Solved issue where deep link events can be lost when app is opened with deep link while app is closed, not running in the background and uninstall tracking is being used.

    v2.1.1 - February 22nd, 2023

    • Solved issue where open events may be lost if registerPushToken method is used.

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