1. How many apps can be registered?

Multiple apps may be registered so long as you are operating them. If you are running more than one app, you can click the [ app list > +New app ] on the upper right corner of the dashboard. Likewise, to switch between apps, click the [ app list ]. 


2. Is SDK installation mandatory to use Airbridge? 

Yes, to collect and analyze web/app events, Airbridge SDK must be installed in advance. We strongly recommend you to install Airbridge SDK in order to make the best use of Airbridge.


3. How long does it take to install SDK and what's the size of it? 

SDK can be installed within 10 minutes per platform. Once it's installed, you can upload it to app market. For iOS, it's in the range of 600KB ~ 1MB, and for Android, it's less than 200KB in build level.  


4. How can I transfer the 'owner' account to a different account? 

Currently, we don't support this feature through the dashboard. If you'd like to transfer the 'Owner' account to a different user's account, kindly contact your designated CSM or Platform Team (platform@ab180.co) along with the email address of both Owner account and receiver's account. Please be noted that the receiver must have signed up in the Airbridge. 


5. Is it possible to conduct a test in Dev/Staging stage before releasing the actual production level? 

You can register additional apps corresponding to the developing level, and follow the process below to manage and maintain. 

1) Airbridge Dashboard > App List > New App 

2) Select the app uploaded in the app market

3) App name: Please type a different app name from the product version. (e.g. dcode_test) 

4) AOS: If you share with us the package of the Test App, we can prepare an environment where you can test such as deeplinks. 

5) iOS: Please confirm the Test app's Bundle ID and Signing Team ID is the same as App Store.  

* In order to distinguish the log data between Production and Test App, the API key of test dashboard must be used in the Test App SDK when building the app. 


If you have more questions, please contact us through our Web form or email to platform@ab180.co 

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